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Construction Updates


Updates will be added during construction, please see News & Events for other news.

May 4, 2016: Isbill Road Complete

Dodging spring snows and rain, construction crews installed the final layer of asphalt on Isbill Road, the public access road to the Exploration of Flight site.  The road was completed during setup of Wings Over the Rockies’ “Blue Star Weekend” celebration, highlighted by the EAA B-17 and numerous other historic aircraft.  The B-17 can be seen in the distance at left in this photo.  

October 14, 2015: Flight Ramp Complete!

Flight Ramp Workers completed the first step of phased development for Exploration of Flight with a new 65,000 sf flight ramp and a temporary auto parking lot.  These areas culminated several months’ site work on Exploration of Flight’s 15 acres in order to accommodate new phases of development anticipated in 2016.  The flight ramp will be an aviator’s “field of dreams,” bringing dreams of flight to reality through planned programs and facility developments.  Additional work on neighboring InterPort property occurred simultaneously through the summer.  Paving on Isbill Road, the public access road, is expected in mid-November. 


October 14, 2015: Dedication of Flight Ramp!

Almost 200 guests attended the long-awaited dedication of the Flight Ramp of Exploration of Flight to celebrate the first step in phased development of the new aerospace education and technology center.  

Wings’ beautiful Alexander Eaglerock—the first airplane manufactured in Colorado—was the first aircraft to grace the beautiful 65,000 acre ramp, followed by Wings’ 450 Stearman, which has flown over 350 Colorado educators in the Teacher Flight Program.  An aerobatic Pitts biplane and Cirrus SR-22 displayed recent performance and technology.  Several World War II veterans and Wings Aerospace Academy middle schoolers represented past and future generations to explore and discover horizons of achievement at Exploration of Flight.  Wings Chairman John Barry led speakers that included Airport Manager Robert Olislagers, Sunborne Managing Partner Bret Packard and Wings CEO Greg Anderson.  All participated in the ribbon cutting before the Alexander Eaglerock.  A scheduled B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” was delayed from participation in the flight ramp ceremony, but arrived to provide flights and tours through October 20th as examples of future activities at Exploration of Flight.

July 6, 2015: Dirt Flies on Exploration of Flight Site!!!

IMG 11334Heavy earth-moving equipment moved onto the Exploration of Flight site to begin grading the site.  As a long-held dream begins to turn into reality, Wings’ CEO Greg Anderson climbed one of the scrapers to celebrate the occasion.  Unusually rainy skies pushed work further into the summer than planned.  Earth work will precede aircraft ramp and parking lot construction to take place July through September.  As final design drawings are made for the Blue Sky Aviation Gallery, phased construction to bring this largest feature of Exploration of Flight out of the ground awaits final budget approval by the Wings Board of Directors.

June 2015: Site Work Starts on InterPort and Isbill Road

IMG 1086In mid-June, site work began through the InterPort development, including Isbill Road, which wil provide public access to the Exploration of Flight site.  This photo looks east across InterPort, where Isbill Road will bring visitors from InterPort and Peoria Avenues on the right.  Further east, the Exploration of Flight site is still green from heavy recent rains which delayed site work.  At left is Runway 10/28 and taxiway Delta.  Exploration of Flight site development was planned in coordination with Isbill Road to achieve site work efficiencies and cost savings.

Phased Construction Plan Approved

The Centennial Airport Board of Directors approved a phased construction plan for Exploration of Flight at their meeting on October 7, 2014.  With over $9 million in pledges raised for the Wingspan Capital Campaign, phased construction will allow development of the Blue Sky Aviation Gallery hangar and aircraft ramp, along with InterPort’s public access road, Isbill Road and a new Sierra taxilane required by the Airport.  With additional fundraising and initial financing pending, plans are underway to commence construction early in 2015.  The hangar and ramp will allow continued growth of education outreach initiatives and flight operations such as Teacher Flights and visiting aircraft from Exploration of Flight.

Runway Resurfacing Planned

Complementing the new Taxiway Delta to the Exploration of Flight site finished in December 2012, Centennial Airport plans to re-surface Runway 10/28 in April-June 2014.  The upgraded runway will serve numerous flight operations from Exploration of Flight, as well as visiting aircraft.  Wings’ staff is also exploring possibilities of phased ramp construction in conjunction with the runway improvements to achieve efficiencies in landscaping and asphalt operations.  Stay tuned for more news on potential 2014 site developments!

InterPort Development Complements Wings' Plans

A 165,000 sf AeroColorado LLC hangar and office facility is under development west of the Exploration of Flight site at Centennial’s InterPort development.  Adjoining two hangars recently completed for Sierra Nevada Corporation (between two existing facilities), the impressive complex of five hangars anchor the western end of InterPort.  Exploration of Flight will anchor the eastern end, with unobstructed views or arriving and departing aircraft on Runway 10/28.  Together with the recently completed Taxiway Delta, InterPort is poised to develop with significant economic impact to the airport and area.

December 1, 2012 : Taxiway Delta Completed

Construction begins on Taxiway Delta along the south side of Runway 10/28 to the Exploration of Flight site. Estimated for completion by year-end, the taxiway is testament to longstanding support from Centennial Airport and the State of Colorado.

September 28, 2012 : Observation platform

Wings erects scaffolding and a tent to comprise a temporary observation platform to tour and plan its Exploration of Flight site development. On the exact point of the entrance and tower, these temporary facilities provide invited special guests and planners a glimpse of the exciting experiences in flight and education to come.

September 1, 2012 : Taxiway Delta

Construction begins on Taxiway Delta along south side of Runway 10/28, from Signature Flight Service to planned Exploration of Flight site. Additional taxiway extensions to the site and other InterPort sites are planned from Taxiway Delta.

June 1, 2012 : Museum Vantage Points

Construction crews work on Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) retention area immediately east of the planned Exploration of Flight site. This required area insures that there will be no obstructed views from Exploration of Flight to the east, allowing unimpeded views of aircraft taking off on Runway 10 and aircraft arriving and landing on Runway 28. These views of aircraft activity will be among the finest museum vantage points in the world.