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Colorado’s early settlers of the American west inspired later generations in their relentless pursuit of the last and ultimate frontier — the frontier of flight. Indeed, ours is a heritage of legendary aerospace achievements. And it was from this rich heritage that Wings Over the Rockies emerged in 1994 as a portal to the skies and beyond. A place where persistent dreams of discovery can be made real.

Pursuing a bold new vision, we’ve launched our Wingspan Capital Campaign to build Exploration of Flight on a prime site at Centennial, one of the nation’s most active general aviation airports. As an experience-based facility, it will provide a unique exploration of all dimensions of the flight experience — both within the earth’s atmosphere and in outer space. Beginning with entry into the High Flight Gallery — a soaring atrium offering a cornucopia of motion, color, sound, and aeronautical invention — the visitor experience will be a participatory adventure of discovery and exploration. Ascending from the entrance gallery, visitors enter the Blue Sky Aviation Experience Gallery, a setting of unique, ever-changing aircraft, which will fly on a regular basis to fascinate visitors with interactive audio and video involving pilots and passengers. Aircraft will also include leading-edge research projects contributing to aviation’s impact on the American way of life — such as one of the world’s first electric- and solar-powered craft. Challenging interactive experiences in the lower level Education Center include a human scale wind tunnel and full-motion flight simulators.

The Black Sky Space Experience Gallery will provide a one-of-a-kind “Flight Through the Cosmos” experience, launching visitors on an intergalactic journey from low earth orbit, through our solar system and Milky Way, to other galaxies and the very edges of the known universe. Educational adventures along the way will include “space stations” hosted by astronauts and scientists on subjects from time travel and zero gravity to black holes and extraterrestrial life. An entertainment dimension reinforcing the learning and motivation that will take place at Exploration of Flight includes a theater, restaurant, and banquet facilities. The whole complex is intended to capture the uncompromising standards of quality applicable to all things that fly, including environmental sustainability in the form LEED certification.