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Just as earlier generations of youth have been motivated to follow in the footsteps of heroes, today’s youth need inspiration and motivation to become the explorers, discoverers, and achievers of tomorrow. The hands-on experiences provided by Exploration of Flight will educate and entertain, and excellence will be recognized in flight, as well as all human endeavors. Every experience will have an educational foundation. In no other institution anywhere will a visitor be so uplifted into a journey of exploration, discovery, and promise.

In keeping with the desire to “educate and inspire through flight,” Exploration of Flight makes possible the Spreading Wings Teacher Flight Program. The objective is to provide a personal flight experience to one teacher in every school along Colorado’s Front Range, thereby providing access to some 85% of all students in Colorado. Subsequently, through these flight-inspired teachers, the goal is to encourage a new generation of aerospace leaders through wide-ranging educational opportunities for students in those schools. More than just a field trip venue, Exploration of Flight will provide an educational dimension to every visitor experience. In fact, the 15-acre site for the new facility also calls for a future Wings Aerospace Academy Charter School, for which research and planning have been under way since 2011.

Momentum for the educational outreach program is well documented. “Spreading Wings” holds the promise of being a model for museums seeking relevance to their communities. It also holds the promise of motivating young people across socioeconomic and ethnic lines to horizons of new opportunities. And unlike many facilities that have built to the limits of their site, Exploration of Flight has room to accommodate future expansions as circumstances allow. This fortunate advantage will help keep Exploration of Flight on the cutting edge of top-tier air and space museums worldwide.